Through intuitive design you can wear styles you love in a more effective way, we hope you enjoy reading our guide of how to wear jewellery for your facial features!

Round Face Shapes

Round face shapes are defined by facial proportions that are equally wide as they are in length and with a rounded jaw-line.
Sometimes the width of the face can fluctuate with weight-loss or hormonal changes but generally your face width will be close to your face length.

Earrings for Round Face Shapes

The key to adding proportion to a rounded face shape is to streamline the features and draw the eye down the torso.

When choosing earring styles experiment with designs that are narrower at the lobe to avoid adding extra width at this widest point of your face. 
Try to look for designs that counterbalance width with additional length, and if you need to create more definition to your jaw-line try choosing designs that don't extend past your chin in length.

It’s All About the Base!

The trick to choosing earrings for round or wider face-shapes is to allocate the proportion of weight; whether this be through a design feature or intricate detail) at the base of the design, (yes, it’s all about the base, sing it!) this will draw the eye down the face and help streamline your features. The trick here is to choose designs in a vertical configuration, for example; (examples always help!) say you love a hoop or a round stud, look for designs that incorporate a central detail that will draw your eye down, this can be a central bead on a hoop or a bar running through the center of a circle design.
The key here is to look for designs that add length and are proportionately longer than wider.

Necklaces for Round Face Shapes

The main principles for choosing a necklace for round face shapes is length, we want to open up the neckline with no obstructions and draw the eye doooown!

Choker Styles for Round Face Shapes 

Let’s start with chokers, the risk with this style of necklace is that if not chosen correctly can end up compartmentalizing (yep like a chest of drawers!) the body and giving the appearance of a fuller face. If you want to go for a choker style necklace look for a subtle option, avoid chunky bands and choose a delicate option like a fine ball-chain design; this will incorporate the skin into the design without creating barriers between face and body.

Another trick would be a tiered style choker that transitions into a V shape to create a streamlined look or you could even explore a style that has a more relaxed fit and features a long central pendant. 

Take a look at our Eve Choker necklace, the gothic-inspired detail incorporates a delicate ball chain design, integrating the skin into the necklace without creating a border with the face. The necklace features a relaxed, two-tiered design that is longer than it is wider, drawing the eye down with a V shape. The necklace is anchored with a dark teardrop Swarovski pendant, adding detail and hence focus at the base of the design. 

Long Necklaces & Amulets

The great thing about wearing long necklaces for most face shapes is that the distance does most of the clever work.
When we wear a long necklace if the distance is below the bust-line the design doesn’t interfere with our facial features as much and can instead focus on working with our outfit. If the length is just above the bust line looking for shapes that end on a point or taper in can further streamline our features. Remember to choose a necklace length and proportion that works with your height. 
These are some examples of our long necklaces that suit round face shapes!

Earrings or Necklace? It’s all about Priorities!

Wearing both earrings and necklace has been a cause of debate and confusion for well, since all time! The key here is to take a look at your outfit and prioritize.
If you are wearing an outfit with a high neckline you will significantly streamline your features more effectively if you wear a bold (or 'boldish') earring or a long necklace.

SQUARE FACE SHAPE - Coming soon!

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